Sunday, May 12, 2013

Free Thinking

               We should  not leave freely at all cause we get loss or self show me should be avoid from me.often i look that new thoughts or often disliked bye priests because the pries are generally conservative.the new ideas seem to hurt their old traditions. so,the priests cause the free thinkers wicked. the priests propagate that the farce thought go against the good so the thinkers will be either punished the thinkers will be either punished by goods or should be punished by the public.thus the free thinkers have to live along the dangers of being robbed or murdered. so people have to avoid free thinking.
              To you there fore, recommends that the free thinkers should be provide with security,leisure and society to propagate their news among the people.
              In the absence of this three conditions their will be no free thinking. and without free thinking their would not be any progress in civilisation.

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